Equipment kit (as described below)

(20) white clean sheet of papers (12 x 15 cm);

(26) glass test tubes, 17 cm (diam inter 16 mm);

(1) test tube rack for 24 tubes, 15 x 10 x 9 cm;

(1) black foam plastic mats, 15 x 10 x 0.4 cm;

(30) nylon nettings, 5 cm²;

(50) rubber bands;

(1) tweezers, flat tip;

(2) nylon brushes;

(1) holding container for fleas, of clear plastic with cover;

(1) pair of tongs;

(2) rubber suction bulbs (big);

(4) flexible tubings, 35-cm, diameter 4-mm, int 7-mm, ext;

(2) nozzles (glass), diam int 4-mm, 15-cm;

(2) aspirators unit;

(2) pair of rubber (latex) gloves, size 8½, 9½;

(2) roll scotch adhesive tapes, 10 m x 19 mm;

(1) instruction sheet WHO/VBC/81.815 + schema;

(20) report forms;

(3) log probability papers.

Insecticide impregnated papers** (sold separately-choose from Impregnated Paper Section)

DDT 1%

Malathion 5%a

Control in risella oil (OC control)

Control in olive oil (OP/C control)


a The concentration is currently being re-evaluated by WHO

**Papers with other concentrations are available on request (minimum 3 boxes should be ordered)

On special request, with delivery time of at least two months; papers impregnated with insecticides listed below can be supplied for research purposes. However, for such request, there must be a minimum order of 3 boxes per concentration.

FLEAS (WHO/VBC1/81.815)

FLEAS (WHO/VBC1/81.815)

EQUIPMENT:(20) white clean sheet of papers (12 x 15 cm);(26) glass test tubes, 17 cm (diam inter 16 ..


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